Portfolio > Gay Vignettes

This body of work explores snippets of my life that I equate to pivotal or memorable moments tied to my gayness. Written and visually depicted accounts combined in these miniature wall pieces I call vignettes to help guide the viewer through the narrative. These wall vignettes were inspired by the countless picture frame collages all over my grandmother's wall depicting family members and family friends I know and even more that I don't. A snapshot of the life they lived (or continue to live). These vignettes I make are my interpretation of these snapshots I lived with everyday growing up.
This body of work began as a brief intermission, but has now become a body of work I intend on exploring in the near future.
These vignettes are also used as an opportunity for me to be more open and vulnerable about my gayness. I have spent all of my life knowing I am gay, and have spent half of it being openly gay, but never felt comfortable enough to openly talk about or express it in anything I do, so I view this body of work as an attempt to find the comfort in my gayness that I do not feel I have. Please come back in mid 2021 to see more Gay Vignettes.